Information about Randall Brothers, LLC

About Us ImageRandall Brothers, now entering its 136th year in business, has been the moulding company professional contractors and residents in and around the Atlanta and surrounding markets have relied on for architectural moldings, millwork and many other building material products. Since our founding in 1885, we’ve based our business on two simple ideas: provide superior products and offer outstanding customer service. To this day, these values are still at the core of our business, and will continue on into the future.

Towards the end of 2018, Randall Brothers decided it was once again time to grow and expand in the Atlanta market in order to leverage its unique offerings and better serve its most prominent customer segments. However, rather than just expand product lines or open a new location, it was obvious the time was right in a different capacity. Several searches were conducted in order to determine if there were any good and reputable building material companies available for purchase in and/or around the Atlanta market. It was discovered that while several companies recently became available, one in particular stood out to Randall Brothers to be quite unique.

This specific local company not only had an aggressive growth plan, but also exceptional industry knowledge, a solid culture and an impeccable reputation throughout the Atlanta and surrounding markets as well as Nationally. A company that aggressively pursued a particular niche in the market that other building material companies always seemed to embrace during a downturn, but then soon forget once again when things started to improve. After learning a lot about this company, it was clear they were the perfect choice not only to increase products brands, but also to increase overall product knowledge and achieve a higher level of service for our existing customers.

So, in August of 2019, Randall Brothers acquired PMC Building Materials. One of their main reasons of success, was their particular focus they had on a specific niche within the building materials industry, the remodeler. By focusing much of their attention on this particular group, PMC was able to achieve loyalty from this group which continued to drive this business during the last major recession.

A small businesses ability to gain an edge for a profitable niche is not by just focusing on the dynamic market gap, but by identifying a market within the gap. ― Wayne Chirisa

Over the years, that one particular niche evolved to include other areas of the “traditionally under-served” within the industry including; general contractors, custom homebuilders, painting/siding contractors, deck builders and specialty contractors. It was a vision that came to life through hard work, dedication and maintaining a focus on these specific groups that were looking for a supplier to call home.

With Randall Brothers taking the time to restructure and fine-tune our vision, goals and focus, while re-working areas of weakness and reenforcing our core strengths, we have become a much better company. A company better for ourselves as well as the markets we serve. In fact, a leader focused on growth, while aligning with our customers in order to accommodate their future building material needs. A leader with a new robust suite of products as well as distribution capabilities. We have in fact become... The New Industry Leader!