Services Offered by The Wood Trim Design

Finish Carpentry, Door Installation, Stair Case + Railing Interior Trim Wall, Trim, Custom Closets, Interior and General Remodeling

Interior Trim

Trims and moldings can make a big impact in any room. They add elegance and beauty. Yes, they can also increase the value of your home and sell it faster if your house is on the market. In general, people are very attentive to details and if you want to impress your guests, custom trims are a good way.

Finish Carpentry

When your property is near completion with windows, roof and all the plumbing installed, electrical wiring complete, drywall installed and insulated – that’s when we step in with our expert finish carpenters to transform your vision into reality.

Custom Closets, Interior and General Remodeling

We're proud to have a talented team of craftsmen who have been with us for many years. Their expertise is essential to our high-quality construction. Our craftsmen are experts in a variety of construction techniques and have a deep understanding of the entire construction process


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One of the Important Elements of a Beautiful home is a best Interior Design wood finishes, Best Installation. Wood Trim Design, LLC It has the Professional Crews to Complete Any Project.